DEX 6.0

A 2D cyberpunk adventure RPG with a beautiful story and engaging gameplay
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DEX is a Kickstarter-funded game combining classic 2D side-scrolling mechanics with advanced RPG elements and modern storytelling.
The game is designed with serious eye for style, with old-school pixel-art visuals and cyberpunk aesthetics creating a vibrant, dark and atmospheric world. The game features a complex story with likable characters and intrigue. It's a classic cyberpunk plot, combining elements from nearly every classic work of the genre. Due to the gameplay being based on 2D side-scrolling, backdrops provide great views of the environment done much like pixel art pictures. Character models are deliberately pixelated as well, despite being fully voiced.

Core gameplay combines classic side-scrolling action beat'em up, simple puzzles and RPG mechanics such as development of skills and acquisition of goods, money and cybernetic upgrades enhancing the character's abilities and giving players new ways of dealing with current tasks. The game offers a variety of quests, rich dialogues, engaging fights and thoughtful character development. Separate gameplay section was created for browsing the cyberspace, one of the more special aspects of the game's world.

DEX is an unusual game, a mixture of different styles and genres, but it works. It's a pleasure to play and it deserves to be called a small masterpiece of independent game development.

James Lynch
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  • Great story
  • Diverse gameplay
  • Beautiful style and design


  • Minor technical issues
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